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Cellular 4G LTE RTU Industrial Environment Wireless Cloud Platform Monitoring System:

RTU5023(New)~RTU5029 support Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU for quick
connecting to cloud platform;

Inquiry Onsite Environment with a FREE Call from Your Mobile Phone!
Interval Report Onsite Environment to Your Mobile Phone by SMS!
Remote Reset, Remote Reboot, Automatic Reboot Periodicity!
High-Low Temperature Humidity Voltage with SMS Alert!
Support ModbusTCP and Modbus RTU Over TCP for Cloud Monitoring!

Chicken house, Pig farm, Solar power monitoring, DC power voltage monitoring, Class Room,
Public Room, Waiting Room, Hospital, Stations, Fresh Food Warehouse,Office, Meeting Room,
Laboratory, Library and anywhere that need monitoring power status.

**New Upgrade RTU5023 for onsite temperature&humidity, DC voltage, power failure monitoring;
**RTU5026 support DS18B20 temperature monitoring;
**RTU5027 support 1 Analog input (4~20mA or 0~5V) for different transducer;
**RTU5028 for AC/DC power failure alarm with 1 channel 12V output;
**RTU5029 3/Single phase electric power loss alarm;

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