Cellular IoT RTU-GSM SMS 3G 4G RTU
GSM GPRS 3G 4G IoT M2M Modem
GSM SMS GPRS 3G 4G Data Logger
GSM 3G 4G Gate Opener Intercom
GSM 3G 4G Power Mesuring RTU
GSM SMS GPRS RTU Controllers
GSM 3G 4G Monitoring Alarm
Industrial Detector Transducers
Security Intrusion Detectors
Water Leakage Detectors
Liquid Level Detectors Transdu
Temperature Humdity Transducer
Power Meter Power Transducers
Pressure Transducers
Velocity Transducer
CO CO2 Gas Detector Transducer
Sirens and Other Accessories
Solar Power System
Waterproof Enclosure
Industrial Ethernet Remote IO Module
Modbus RTU Remote IO Modules
CANOpen DeviceNet IO Modules
GSM Home Security Alarm
Certificate Download (CE/FCC/RoHS/SGS)
Cellular IoT Cloud Platforms
GPRS 3G 4G Wireless IoT module
Industrial Detector Transducers


Including Smoke detector, water leakage detector, water level detector, oil level detector,power status detector and different analog transducers. these transducers can be used in lots of applications.

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