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King Pigeon Cloud Platform V3.0

Core Advantages

1. Safety

(1) Data encryption transmission,anti-peeping, tamper-proof.

(2) Institution, role, user 3 hree dimensions of data access rights management

2. High reliability

(1) Data backup: Cloud platform data off site backup to prevent data loss

(2) Flexible expansion:Can expand server capacity as needed

(3) High reliability: load balancing mechanism. When a single server fails, other available servers will work and the service will not be interrupted.

No downtime update:Micro-service mechanism, platform update does not affect device operation

1. Powerful function

(1) Real-time remote alarm/Real-time remote control/Real-time remote configuration.

(2) Various alarm methods:Phone call/SMS/Wechat/E-mail/APP

(3) Support manufacturers, distributors, users' permission mode, and support both individual users and enterprise users

Core Function

User Management

Authority management: Institution, role, user three dimensions of data access rights management,Support manufacturers, distributors, users' permission mode, and support both individual users and enterprise users

Personal user mode: Users can only view the device under the name

Enterprise user mode: Allow multiple users to manage devices at the same time, distinguish permissions by role.

Device management

One key integrate: The device default integrated into the King Pigeon cloud V3.0 platform, scan APP to integrate,data acquisition and control device easily.

Remote configuration: Support device real-time remote configuration/restart/reset,

Maintenance personnel can configure the device remotely.

Device grouping: Device group display.

GIS map display: Map display location, support recording device running track.

Real time monitoring

Large screen displayDisplay the total number of devices, users, alarm records, trigger task execution alarm etc.

Alarm management

Trigger taskA variety of trigger conditions,supports high/low value trigger/delay detection alarm/ device off-line comprehensive judgment of multiple data trigger conditions, support mass texting.

Multiple alarm methods: Supports Phone call/SMS/Wechat/E-mail/APP.

Linkage control: Support the linkage control device when trigger.

Timer task

A variety of timer tasks for device management, support for daily, weekly, monthly, monthly end, fixed time intervals, etc.

Statistical Analysis

Historical data querySupports sensor data,device on/off line,device alarm,device control historical data inquire display,and graph display.

Historical data export: Supports excel type data download.

We can offer:

1.SaaS Service

King Pigeon devices default integrated to King Pigeon cloud V3.0,can remote control/data acquisition/

real-time remote configuration/timer task execution/trigger task execution the device.

Advantages: no need build machine room, no need build IoT cloud platform, no need additional professional IT staff.

Special service:Supports definition logo/IP/Alarm message.

2. Secondary development:

Provides 2 connection methods for users if need secondary development.

1Secondary development-connecting with King Pigeon cloud HTTPS API(JSON format)

Parts ports list of Connecting with King Pigeon cloud platform via RESTful API



User interface


Get verification code


Get User ID

Device interface

Inquire monitoring data

Definition add device

Device ID add device

Modify device

Delete device

Inquire single device

Inquire latest sensor data by the device ID

Inquire latest data by sensor ID

Sensor history data

https control downstream data

Add sensor data

Trigger interface

Inquire trigger


Add trigger


Modify trigger


Delete trigger


Inquire alarm record

(2)Message example


Request parameter


“userName”:“(not null) username”,

“Password”:“(not null) password


Return parameter


“flag”:“00=success01= failure”,

“msg”:“Return message




(3) Secondary development-dock device SDK

Device supports Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP/MQTT/King Pigeon definition RTU protocol etc.

Transport via TCP/UDP. Users can built the IOT Cloud platform by King Pigeon SDK.

(4) Software and hardware customized service

If current King Pigeon cloud platform can not satisfy with you,we can offer customized service.

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