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IOS APP for Gate Opener & RTU Available Now!

Dear All:

Good News,the IOS APP for Gate Opener RTU5024/RTU5025 & Environment Alarm RTU5023 & M2M RTU S27x was released already!

RTU5024: Search "Gate Opener"in APP Store via Iphone.
RTU5025: Search "Gate Opener" in APP Store via Iphone.
RTU5023: Search "Environment Alarm" in APP Store via Iphone.
S27x:    Search "M2M RTU" in APP Store via Iphone.

Also can scan the QR code to download it directly:

               RTU5024                           RTU5025                               RTU5023                                  S27x

So sorry for let all of you to wait this such a long time.
Anyway,it released now,thanks for all of your support in the past.
Hope our business will flourishing in furture!

Yours Faithfully,

King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd.

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