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About GSM Gate Opener, GSM Switch, RTU5015

bout GSM Gate Opener, GSM Switch, RTU5015

GSM Gate Opener, in the worldwide, only two models provided this solution. One is in Europe, another is RTU5015, ¡°Dial to open the door or switch on or off the equipment without communication fee.¡± This is a very prefect idea for lots of users.


King Pigeon Hi-Tech.Co.,Ltd. Issued its GSM Gate Opener RTU5015 in Sept.,2009, and sold to more than 30 countries for different applications so far. Why the clients so interesting in the RTU5015? The reasons are below:

1.    The RTU5015 supports 64 authorized users;

2.    The Size with the RTU5015 very small and easy to install.

3.    The RTU5015 can be used for three applications: Dial to open the garage or door or shutter, dial to switch on or switch off the remotely equipments, protect outdoor buildings by wired sensors, once the sensors triggered, the siren will start to work and send SMS to the authorized numbers.

As we know, the another model in the market only with the ¡°Dial to open the door¡± function, without the remotely switch on or off the equipments and alarm function.


We¡¯re sure this is the reason why the GSM Gate Opener so welcome by customers. With low cost and multi-functions!


This is the goal of King Pigeon Hi-Tech.Co.,Ltd., Try the best to supply the useful and welcome and reliable products to meet the market requirements and the trend of the users requirements in the worldwide.

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