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GSM GPRS Telemetry Logging Engine

The King Pigeon S210 GSM GPRS Telemetry Logging Engine is a low cost, M2M, data logger, universal GSM GPRS Engine which can transmit and receive analog, digital and pulse counter data to any device connected to the GSM/GPRS network such as mobile phones, Web Sites.

# Direct connection to the GSM GPRS Network;

# Transparent Serial Data Tunnelling using low cost SMS/GPRS network;

# Remote Configuration by SMS Messages or GPRS;

# Upload data via GPRS or SMS on Schedule or event occurs;

# Supports Dynamic Domain name or fixed IP address;

# Supports SMS, CSD, GPRS, UDP and TCP/IP protocols;

# Supports Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP protocols;

# Support DNP 3.0 Protocol;

# 2 RS232 Serial Ports, and 2 RS485 Serial Ports;

# 6 Digital Inputs can send Alarm Messages by SMS or GPRS;

# 4 Pulse Counter Inputs;

# 4 Digital Outputs;

# 10 Analogue Inputs. (12 bit resolution, 0-10V or 0-53mA);

# PC Programming Interface;

# Power supply 8V to 24V;

# Size: 125mm* 80mm* 30mm.

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