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GSM SMS Remote Controller Alarm S130 upgrade news
Dear King Pigeon Customers,
It is our glad to inform you that we upgraded the S130~S150 GSM SMS Controller Alarm functions according to lots of our customer requirements. After upgraded, now, they are with powerful functions and suit to more applications with same competitive prices as before.
Upgrade function details:
1.    Enable to setup each input type separately as NC, NO, and EOL type, other than previous version can setup as only one input type of all inputs, this is very useful when the unit should contact different  input types.
2.    Revised the input attribute in order to stop the GSM SMS Controller Alarms continue send SMS and dial out when the temperature sensor, water level sensor, humidity sensor activated, in new version, it will send once.
3.    Revised the input recovery alert function, this is very useful when the water level is low and when it comes back to normal level; in the new version, this is optional function for user.
4.    Revised the alarm-link output relay work time, the customer can setup it from 0-120minutes, other than 4minutes in previous version, more over, the user can enable or disable the alarm link output relay for each input.
5.    Built in quad-band GSM Module inside to instead of the previous GSM Module, it can work in the worldwide now.
6. AC power failure alarm can chose, A. no send sms. B.after 30 minutes send sms. C.send sms immediately.
The new PC Configurator interface please see below:
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